Golfers – It’s TEE TIME!

Twenty years ago, I picked up a driver for the very first time. It felt about a mile long in my hands, and it positioned me so far from that little white ball, I thought there was no way on God’s green earth I would ever come close to hitting it. I won’t mention how many times I swung with all of my might to hear only the sound of swooshing air as the club whizzed past the ball. How utterly embarrassing. Not only was I certain I was not cut out for this, but I WAS certain I pulled a muscle I didn’t even know I had somewhere in my lower back. Just as I was about to quit, a friendly fellow who worked there approached us and gave us a demonstration and  few quick pointers. He also gave me the encouragement I needed to try again.

I took the driver back nice and slow, kept my head steady, swung through the ball, and WACK! Right on the sweet spot, off into the sky that little white ball went – straight, long, and with a little draw. What an amazing feeling! That’s the thing about golf. It’s you against nature. You against the lie. The wind. The elements. And it’s you against your best score. You are always trying to improve, every time you walk onto the next tee box, every time you stand over a putt. That’s what keeps you going back for more. One day you’re so frustrated you want to snap your club in half, and the next day you wonder why you haven’t gone pro.

My husband always had a love for the sport, but hadn’t played much in the years prior to our honeymoon. There, in North Carolina, we found ourselves on a golf range hitting a large bucket of balls, and we caught the bug.  This was something we could do together, it was great exercise (he loved to walk the course), and it was outdoors.

We played for about 4 years every chance we got as a couple, until our first daughter was born. We played along the coast lines in the U.S. and on every course in Bermuda  – undoubtedly some of the most breathtaking and challenging golf courses on the planet.

Fast-forward sixteen years. Here I am, in Piscataquis County. I have heard several golfers call our county the “Nine Hole Capital of Maine” because we have 8 (I counted eight) nine-hole golf courses within a 35 mile radius. But much like other businesses in Piscataquis, many Maine residents have no idea where most of them are located.

As Executive Director for the Chamber of Commerce, I have made it my mission to “shine the light” on those special places you might have missed. One of those places is the Foxcroft Golf Club in Dover Foxcroft. My husband and I planned to take the same day off so we could go together. Though I stopped playing after the kiddos came, he continued playing on a regular basis over the years, and has become a serious golfer. He’s won tournaments and has even been in the paper for holes-in one, so I genuinely wanted his opinion on the course.

milo rd

intersection of Milo Rd & Foxcroft Center Rd.

The Foxcroft Golf Club is located right off of the Milo Road in Dover Foxcroft, on Foxcroft Center Road. The intersection has only one small sign that’s easy to miss with the course’s name on it. Once you turn onto the Foxcroft Center Road, the course is just up ahead on the left.

FGC first opened in 1963. Over the years, locals say a sense of community is what makes the course special. It is absolutely beautiful and is meticulously maintained by management, but it is actually the members who plant the flowers on the property.  The course gives back to the community, as well. This year, many tournaments for non-profits will be held there, such as Jimmy Fund, Pine Tree Hospice, Foxcroft Academy Homecoming, PRYMCA and Pat’s  Pizza Scholarship Open.



Google Earth FGC

This 9-hole course is open dawn to dusk, daily, and is considered moderate difficulty. There are men’s, women’s, and senior’s tees, all clearly marked. Green fees are currently 9 holes for $15 or 18 for $25. Carts available to rent, $7.00 for 9 holes or $10 for 18 holes. It’s a good idea to check the website for pricing; FGC will run specials at the beginning of each season that you won’t want to miss! Other items such as apparel, golf balls, tees, etc. are available for purchase as well. It is not necessary to reserve a tee-time, but checking the website would be wise due to the tournament schedule.

approaching first hole

approaching first hole

So, what did we think of the course? Here are some specifics. According to members, the course gets better and better each year. It is obvious an investment is being continually made. The greens are in absolutely phenomenal condition.




green on hole #1

first green

The course begins with a friendly first hole, so you’re likely to get off to a good start on this down-hill par-5. The green is somewhat two-tiered with considerable undulations.

2nd tee box

2nd tee box

Hole #2 is an uphill par 4 with a small green, it will require a precise approach. Your short game will be tested at this course will several small greens, but rest assured the putts roll true, again, due to their superb condition.

Hole #3 is an uphill par 4, which we thought was challenging. You’ll find the green up and to the left. You’ll need two really good golf shots to get on the green in two.

4th tee box

4th tee

The 4th hole is very unique, it is only a little over 100 yards, but the tee box is probably a good 100 feet above the green (there is an elevation change). This one was fun to play!

Hole #5 was by far our favorite hole, super scenic, with beautiful landscape; uphill, rolling fairways makes it magnificent. The club selection on this short par 4 will be very important.

6th green

6th green

Hole #6 is a par 4. You’ll have to play this tee shot with a draw on your downhill approach shot.  Hole #7 will be a par 3 coming back up the hill.




eighth green

eighth green

Hole #8 is a down- hill fairly long par 4, requires a right-to- left ball flight, ending at a beautiful, scenic green with water surrounding.

The (9th) hole is an up-hill par 5. It will be easy to get to the green in two on this hole, and you could be putting for eagle; an excellent way to finish the round!

view from 3rd fairway

view from 3rd fairway


Would we play this course again? Absolutely. In fact, we’re bringing friends with us for the next round. Any golfer would enjoy this place. Cory, the current owner, provides wonderful service. As I was waiting to speak with him, he was helping an elderly fellow count up his score card. I enjoyed watching Cory interact with him, and realized in that moment- after spending so much time on the fairways and greens, that the condition of the golf course isn’t the only reason members enjoy belonging to Foxcroft Golf Club. I found the biggest reason right inside the clubhouse, behind the counter, wearing a warm smile.

Club house

Club house

The members we came across on the course that day were very enthusiastic about how much they enjoyed playing the course, and just “being” there.  It is so peaceful, set back so far from the road you do not hear a single distracting sound.  It is about halfway between Greenville and Bangor, almost exactly one hour from each. If you’re looking for a new place to play (or join) that won’t break the budget but guarantees some great golf, Foxcroft Golf Club is for you. Check them out, ask for Cory when you get there, and please, tell him Denise from the Chamber said hello!

Until next time, friends, thank you for taking a Peek into Piscataquis!


Directions from Bangor
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Foxcroft Golf Club
84 Foxcroft Center Road
Dover Foxcroft, Maine


Denise Buzzelli

About Denise Buzzelli

Denise Buzzelli is the Executive Director of the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce. She is happily married to her husband Gregg and is the proud mother of two daughters, Angelina, 18, and Roseann, 16.