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As director of the Piscataquis Chamber, I travel through the county providing support to businesses who have invested in membership with us. What kind of support? Glad you asked. Everything from planning and holding events to creating Facebook pages, re-branding, developing business plans, marketing and promotion, and referrals, referrals, referrals! The formula is unique for every member, because every business needs something different.  The Chamber has gone through MANY changes in the past eight months, specifically in the area of adding value to membership: a tangible, preferably track-able value. So, for those members who choose not to renew by mail because they have not seen a benefit in the past, I attempt to meet with them to outline the new benefits package. Most agree to the appointment, some decline. Unfortunately, they do not even realize what it is they are declining, because we truly are a “new” Chamber.

A couple from Milo gave me such an opportunity. My first call with Mr. was somewhat comical, I thought; as soon as I introduced myself he exclaimed at the top of his voice:
“Honey, come quick, it’s the Chamber calling! Can you believe it?”

I was not sure if he was being humorous or sarcastic at first. I went on to explain that I would like to come for a visit, to which he retorted,
“Sure, if you like wasting your time!”

After a few more moments on the phone, we settled upon a date and time, and Mr. informed me that we would have lunch during our meeting. Alright! If nothing else, I’ll get a meal out of this!

I drove through Milo, over the bridge, and passed Elaine’s Basket Café, then turned right on High St.  As I pulled in to the lot, I was reminded what a great location this is for lodging. Step outside the door to over nineteen thousand miles of ATV trails, hiking, hunting and fishing, and in the winter, snow sled races, skiing, and snowshoeing. In Piscataquis, it’s easy to find wonderful outdoor activities, and perfect places to lodge when you’re all out of energy and need to refuel.

When I arrived, Mrs. came out to greet me. I had not yet spoken with her, I only heard her gentle voice in the background as I chatted with her husband during our first phone call. Rochelle welcomed me like a friend she hadn’t seen for a while. So far so good.

We entered the kitchen and the aroma of whatever she was cooking up was wonderful. My eyes couldn’t help but notice the table and how nicely it was set. I was in for a treat! Then came Paul. I would recognize his voice anywhere. I learned immediately that he could go from calm and friendly to outgoing and boisterous in point-five seconds- flat, and I liked it. Most of my family members are just like that.

Before long, we were sharing our histories, talking about family and what led us to Maine, and to Piscataquis County. We were laughing and exchanging stories. All the while, I enjoyed watching the interaction between them; their temperaments were so different, but there was a wonderful ebb and flow about their communication. I learned about how they met, he was a bus driver and she happened to get on his bus one day. The rest is history! It was sweet to watch their expressions as they remembered those first moments of their lives together. As I sat at the table, laughing with them, I felt a strange familiarity, but couldn’t place it.015

Lunch was absolutely delicious. Melt-in-your-mouth-chicken, asparagus and roasted potatoes with homemade biscuits served with honey; they were the perfect size and each bite had a sweet, buttery flavor. Paul and Rochelle cooked the meal together, which I think made it taste even more wonderful. The chicken and roasted potatoes were his, the biscuits and asparagus were hers, and I will NEVER forget the tangy lemon flavor the asparagus was drenched in and how perfect its texture was.

After lunch and some ice cream, Paul and Rochelle took me on a tour of the Manor. Every room was so lovingly cared for. If you’ve read my other posts, you might already know that I LOVE B&Bs and hope to own one in the future. This one was quaint and beautiful, perfectly kept.024019020029








I appreciate the fact that there is only one private suite in the Manor, no need to share the premises with other quests! I loved the eclectic collection of books throughout the house, and the titles of some of the older films and TV shows available for guests to watch on a great flat-screen TV. Free WIFI is also included. But there was one big difference between this B&B and any other I have ever stayed at, which happens to be the reason I wanted to blog about it.032

I am sure depending on your style, you look for different qualities in a B&B. Some like Victorian, some country, some contemporary. I have stayed in several, never knowing who the owners were in any of them. The staff was also usually very impersonal. I would check in, stay in my room and come down for breakfast before checking out. No meaningful communication with anyone except my husband. Though you will certainly find peace and privacy here, the Milo Manor is not cold or impersonal.

I realized on my way home what it was I was feeling while sitting with Paul and Rochelle over lunch. I felt like I was sitting with family, not with strangers whom I had just met. I had no reservations, I could be myself; completely comfortable at a table I had never sat at before, as if the chair was meant for me. That is a wonderful feeling when I’m away from home.

Staying at the Milo Manor will certainly provide you with the same quality and comfort as a fancy hotel triple the price. It is peaceful and beautiful, and very clean. And I can personally testify that you’ll get the BEST breakfast you ever tasted, based on the lunch I had! In fact, Paul informed me that there is no set breakfast  menu, all breakfasts are made to order, and they do their best to make all your favorites! All of that will be memorable, I am sure. And if you stay oPaul and Rochelle.nce, you’ll come back, I’m sure of that too.

But you’ll get something more than you anticipated. I did. It’s in the warm welcome, the laughter, the sharing and the love. You’ll feel well rested, well fed and well cared for.

And you’ll feel like I did.

You’ll feel like you’re home.

Until next time, thank you for taking A Peek into Piscataquis.


For reviews and details, click here:  https://www.airbnb.com/rooms/1158682?s=8LP0

Milo Manor
17 High St.
Milo, Maine 04463




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Denise Buzzelli is the Executive Director of the Piscataquis Chamber of Commerce. She is happily married to her husband Gregg and is the proud mother of two daughters, Angelina, 18, and Roseann, 16.